Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Well, I think I'm finished with this one, finally. I did this scene because I needed to work on shadows. I really struggled with it. I probably re-did the walls at least four times, before it finally sank in and I got it.
I've spent the last four weeks looking at shadows in real life, in photos, and in other paintings. I had to decide how I wanted them to look and figure out how to paint them like that.
I like that it's a little surreal in places.
Am I getting tired of this building yet? I don't think so!
This is acrylic on canvas 20" by 30".


  1. I love those dappled shadows. Must've been challenging indeed. Nice colors, too.

  2. Looks great, Terry. I look forward to seeing it in person some time.

    I'll never forget looking down at a dappled shadow during a partial solar eclipse and seeing all the dapples as crescents! I never knew that all those little circles were pinhole projections of the face of the sun until that moment.

  3. Thank you, Annie.
    Jeff, that's very interesting about the crescents. Hmmm, I'll have to think about it... but, that explains things to me about the circles that I ended up seeing in the dapples. These in my painting were elongated because the shadow was stretched out over the building.
    It wasn't until I saw that (though not knowing why) that I finally got the shadows to look like they were ON the building instead of sticking out away from it.
    Thanks, Jeff - I think that helps me to understand the 'nature' of the dapples.

  4. Terry, this is great and the shadows really work! You are doing some interesting stuff.....I want to see all the items you are putting in the art walk. Is there a place where I could see that?