Monday, April 26, 2010


 I just finished this quilt I'm calling April Flowers this last weekend.  It's about 54" by 77".   I started it several years ago.  It is made from fabric samples that I got somewhere (so long ago, I don't even remember).  They were small pinked-edged squares in sample books.  I took the books apart and cut the squares down to six inch squares.  I used some of them as sashing.  I got the top done before we moved into this house, which was, what...2007?     Two weeks ago I pulled out the box with the fabrics, found this top and another top and went to the fabric store to buy an appropriate back.  I found a really cute light green with little flowers for this one - hence it's name.  And I found a fishing fabric for the blue quilt top I'm quilting at the moment.  I thought I could get the quilting for it done today or tomorrow, but I just put the sewing machine needle through my finger.  It went in the nail of my right hand pointer finger and came out the other side.  Yuck, it didn't really hurt until I pulled the needle out.  Anyway, not to gross you out, but it's starting to throb, so I better take it easy the rest of the day.  (It hurts to right click!).  I'll post a picture of the blue one when it's finished.

All these years of sewing and this is the first time I've ever done that.  Let's hope that's the end of that!

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