Wednesday, April 14, 2010


One more hard day of lugging a laundry basket up the stairs loaded down with fabric, I don't know how many times.  My knees are telling me it was a few too many times though.
When I finally got all the fabric up and sorted, then I started bring up the drawers from my sewing table and the leaves for the cutting table.  At least I got the men to bring up the tables, though.
It looks a little bare right now, but I'm sure I'll have it all junked up very soon.
In fact, I think I'll be out there sewing up a storm first thing in the morning.  I really wanted to sew tonight, but I'm just too tired.

One of the fun and interesting things about reorganizing my stash was getting re-acquainted with and counting all the pieces of fabric I have.
I will admit it, I am a fabricoholic.

I have some really ugly pieces of Elvis fabric - (I can't believe they let them license them).

I have 116 pieces of fabric with a horse motif, 2 that are zebras, 3 with cowboy boots, and 1 seahorses.  (Most of these are 1/2 yard pieces).

I was astonished to find I have 414 pieces of paisley fabrics.

I have a big stack of hand-dyed fabrics by Judy Robertson from her yard of the month program.

I am short on yellows, but I have golds.  And Diane B is right, I have way too many browns.

I have a lot of plaids.  I have some Kaffe Fassett fabrics I would love to use.

I need to start using this fabric.  Now.  

I'd like to make quilts, but I don't know what to do with them.  I'd really like to just make the tops and have someone else quilt them.  You wanna?  We could donate them.

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  1. Paisley is where I started my stashing. I could hardly find any except on ebay - the Brits just aren't into it, even when it came in to fashion a few years ago. Once on ebay.. that was it. Not so many Kaffe fasset - al though I loves them to bits. PLenty toiles, not sure what I will make with ht but I am sure it will look elegant. Fell in love with them even more than before when I saw Nancy Martin's book, Make Room for Quilts. I think you are very lucky to have such a wonderful space and people to help lug things up into it to furnish it. Hope your finger feels beter soon. Go to eh doc if it does nto start going down in 1 day; you can get a blot clot under the nail and this is not clever.