Saturday, October 26, 2013


We left Santa Maria, heading south on Hwy 101.

Good morning California!

We couldn't resist stopping for a short walk on the beach as we passed by, somewhere south of Santa Barbara.

Lucy actually enjoyed the beach.
I tried to capture the colors of this seaweed.

Three on a walk.
We had time before we were scheduled to deliver the furniture, so I talked him into detouring off the main road to go through Ojai again.
We got there before anything was open again, so we walked around and found a few geocaches and enjoyed the peace.
There was a banner across the street announcing a Pumpkin Festival that would be today and thought we might go there for lunch, until we found out it was at the local senior center, which didn't sound like as much fun.  We headed out, looking for somewhere to have lunch.  We ended up in Santa Clarita at a Coco's Restaurant.  I was doing a quick sketch before our meal of the people sitting at the table next to us.  The waitress noticed and told me that the girl at that table was sketching us.  How funny.

We headed into Pasadena and since we were a little early for the delivery, we stopped by the Gamble House, since Lucy had never been there (as far as we know).  I think she was impressed.

Darrell went into the bookstore to make sure that had his book out for sale and was delighted to find they had both of them!

We made our delivery in Pasadena then headed south to Anaheim to deliver the rest.
As we left there, with an empty van, we drove by Disneyland.  Hi Mickey!  

We went to Wm Ng's shop to drop off the supplies Darrell would need for his class next week and checked into his hotel.  

We had dinner at a nice Thai restaurant, Lanta Thai Fusion.  Excellent.

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