Thursday, October 24, 2013


We spent the night in Crescent City, got up early and headed south on Hwy 101.  We stopped at the first pull out to get close to the ocean!  Lucy was cold and unimpressed.  We loved it.

 Next stop was Trees of Mystery.  It seems we always visit here before they open.  But we stopped for the obligatory pictures with Paul and Babe.

Trees of Mystery on Hwy 101 in northern California

Paul and Babe the Blue Ox

At Trees of Mystery

Next stop was Prairie Creek State Park, home of the Roosevelt Elk herd.

The herd asleep in the morning.

The big guy of the herd.
We took an 8 mile dirt road (easy does it - we have a van full of furniture) out to the coast so we could walk to Fern Canyon.  

Dirt road to Gold Coast

The dirt road seemed to go on and on...

But we made it, after crossing several creeks (with the van) we parked, left Lucy in the van because dogs are not welcome on the trails (??).  Darrell and I had a great time in Fern Canyon.  It is spectacular.

You could see it from the end, but the farther up the creek you went, the better it seemed.  The catch being that you had to cross and recross the creek using just the fallen limbs and logs and rocks that had been laid across the moving creek.

We had a couple of close calls, but we managed to not get our feet wet.

When we got back to the van, we tried going out to the coast to find a geocache.  Lucy was allowed on that trail.  Someone warned us to beware of the three big bucks hanging around very close.  We got unbelievably too near them.  Unfortnuately we couldn't find a way around the streams and ponds to get near the beach, so we headed back without finding a geocache.

 We got off Hwy 101, to drive on the Avenue of the Giants.  We stopped a few times to get close to the big trees.  We found a geocache, which was difficult under such big giants.

 We drove on further than we would have liked so we could make it to within striking distance of SF for the next day.  We spent the night in Ukiah.

Lucy waits patiently as we check-in to a motel.

Good night.

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