Wednesday, October 23, 2013


The husband had to deliver some furniture to the LA area, so we decided to do it ourselves and have a mini vacation on the way down.
He would be staying on in Anaheim afterwards to teach a class, which meant I had to drive home alone.  So, I invited my Mom to fly down and ride back with me.  
Heading out on our Adventure - Lucy is interested.

Stopped in Grants Pass to pick up some AR Speakers he bought on Ebay.

From Grants Pass, Oregon we took Hwy 199 to the coast.

We were really enjoying the Fall Colors.

Spectacular Fall Colors on Hwy 199 

We stopped at a strange place called "It's A Burl", there was lots of strange art and lots of burls for sale.
More weird art at "It's a Burl".
We also logged in a geocache here.

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