Wednesday, October 19, 2016


After the stop in Littleton NH, we headed west to Vermont.

Welcome to Vermont!

We meandered our way to Montpelier, the capitol of Vermont and headed straight for the State House.  It was getting late and we made it there with just 15 minutes to spare.  They said we could take a quick tour on our own.  There was no metal detectors at the door, but there also wasn't a guest book.  It is a very small, but one of the most beautiful and well maintained capitol buildings we've seem.   The dome is wood covered in gold leaf.  Everything is very well crafted.   It was charming.

The Vermont State House

The stairs in the Vermont State House

We checked into the Capitol Plaza Hotel just down the street.  We had a room on the 4th floor overlooking the main street.  We walked a few blocks to a Thai restaurant, Royal Orchid for dinner.  It was just okay, not as good as the Royal Orchid in Renton, Washington.

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