Sunday, October 16, 2016


After doing some research on the google machine, I think I've determined that I can take scissors on an airplane if the blades are less than 3".

I found some scissors on Amazon that say they are TSA approved.  The blades are very short and the tips are rounded.  I considered buying children's scissors, but I'm pretty sure they are not sharp enough to cut thread.  And I only need them to cut thread on this trip.  So, I ordered the somewhat expensive real scissors made for airplane travel.  ($22 with tax).  It will be very annoying if they get confiscated.  I thought about having a stamped-self-addressed padded envelope ready just in case, but wasn't sure if I'd have to get out of line and run back into the airport to mail them and then get back in the security line, or what.  So I decided against it.

I was really pleased when I discovered the scissors will fit into my Altoids box that I use.  It has a magnetic square fitted to the bottom so my pins and needles will stay inside - and it's metal.  

The scissors are made by Heritage Cutlery and you can buy them here.

Great scissors - very sharp.  

I'm working on Katja Marek's Hexagon project, which is very easy to take along.  It's all English Paper Piecing - the pieces are sewn together by hand.  
I prepared a bunch of blocks to take with me.  The fabrics are choosen and glue-basted to the paper pieces.  Each different block is in it's own baggie.  I have more than enough to keep me busy all week.

Then I put everything into a quart sized baggie and it's all in my carry-on backpack.

Here we go.

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