Saturday, October 22, 2016


Saturday morning  I dropped Darrell off where he was giving his all day workshop and I headed out to see some local quilt shops.

The first on the list opened at 9:30am, which I was happy to see.

in Victor, New York

A very nice store, they had everything you could possible want.  There was a class or workshop going on in the classroom and they were having a ball.  Everyone was laughing and talking and it sounded like a lot of fun.

I had decided I had enough fabric and would limit myself at the shops I saw today.  Now I'm kicking myself that I didn't buy more at this first stop.  They had some wonderful fabrics that I passed by.  (I would have gladly made this my one and only stop if I had only known).

On the road again, headed to the next shop.

in East Rochester, New York
There's a banner on the outside, saying 30 years in business.  (It looked it).

Their fabric choices were not my fabric choices.  I was hard pressed to  pick out a few things to buy.

They did have a triangle ruler that looked like it would work better than the one I have at home that I've been using on a current project.  Plus they had a bowlful of what they called "Quilter's Candy"   - little 6" by 6" pieces of fabric folded up into little squares.  They were only 25 cents, I couldn't resist.

Off again, this time to:

also known as Discount Sewing Center and Jackie Lynn's Fabrics
in Rochester, New York

Nothing much happening here.  There were shop cats, but they were standoffish.  I found a few things and was happy to move on.

If you want a sewing machine, this might be the place to go.

That green is a fabric I had before and I used it all up, so I had to buy more, I love it.

Done for the day with quilt shops, I went back to the room.  My phone was almost dead.  I didn't have a charging cord with me and I was afraid if my phone died I'd never find my way back without Waze.

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