Friday, October 21, 2016



We left our hotel in Utica and drove straight to Rochester.  Darrell had to be there by noon to set up for his workshop.

While he did that, he dropped me off at a nearby mall because I wanted to go for a long walk after having spent the last two days mostly sitting in the car.  Since it was raining so hard, I figured a mall would be a good place to get some exercise yet stay dry.

It was a little less than a mile to make one circuit around.  I made a few rounds than sat down and had some coffee and sketched. 

I made another round before Darrell finally picked me up.  I noticed that the older couple in my sketch were sitting in the same place two hours after I sketched them.  

That evening we went out to dinner with members of the Rochester Woodworkers Society then went on to St. John Fisher College where Darrell gave a slide show and talk.

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