Friday, June 23, 2017


I was still tired this morning.  It was a long day yesterday and the dogs make it almost impossible to get a good night's sleep - one on each side of me and they are way too hot.

I took them to the dog park this morning.  They enjoyed that and got some good exercise.

When I turned the machine on, the tablet didn't come on.  I checked a bunch of things, turned it off and tried again.  I ended up calling Randy in Missouri.  He was very helpful and all it was that I wasn't holding the on button on long enough.  Oops.

I played a little more trying some allover swirl designs - see, I don't even know what to call them.

I then felt I had to finish sewing the rows together on the Dandy Flowers quilt.  The top is done now!

Then I played a little more on the machine - I guess I need to get a name for it (him, her?).

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