Sunday, June 04, 2017


I flew into Kansas City Missouri on Saturday to meet up with Darrell.  He had been teaching in Indianapolis and flew to KC Saturday morning.  I didn't get in until 4pm.  He was waiting with the rental car.  We went to the hotel, but they weren't ready for us, so we went out for dinner.  The original plan was to get bbq (when in KC you must get bbq, we're told).  But the lines were out the door into the street, so we headed down the road and found a Cajun restaurant.  They had the best jambalaya I've ever had.


Our plan was to spend the day at the Nelson-Atkins Museum.

Waiting for the doors to open

In front of the doors, waiting...

Big Monet!

This was my favorite - the one I'd take home.

Here is the G&G Vitrine that we came all this way to see!

Beautiful courtyard.

We stopped for a rest and a snack in the courtyard

Even the restroom was a work of art

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