Sunday, June 25, 2017


After our morning walk I got started working on the Red Love quilt.  First I had to figure out the stupid bobbin winder.  I want to use Aurifil thread - I have a spool of red I ordered for this quilt.  But, I couldn't get the damn stuff to anchor itself to the bobbin so that it would wind.  It just kept slipping.  I tried some polyester thread and it wound on there fine.  Darrell suggested that I just tie the red thread to the polyester that was already on the bobbin.  Great idea - that worked!  So I got one bobbin wound and started quilting.

I'm using the HandiQuilter Versa-tool ruler.  Doing little arches - and I'm doing much better than I thought.  I was practicing with this ruler yesterday and was having a difficult time.  Maybe sometime in my sleep last night my brain figured out how to use it.  It's looking good!

I got maybe half of it quilted, but it took hours.  I finally had to quit because it was too hot up in the studio.  It's supposed to be 95 degrees today.  Too hot.

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