Tuesday, October 16, 2018


Wow, this block almost did me in.  I started working on it yesterday afternoon - trying to figure out how to cut it apart and sew it back together.  I even woke up a few times last night with it on my mind.  

Right after our morning walk, I jumped right into it.  

It was so confusing.  When I started cutting the template apart, I realized I'd never be able to get it back together unless I sewed the pieces together a little at a time.  So, I just cut out what I needed and even that was difficult to keep track of.  Part of the problem was that I'm doing it in reverse from the paper block.  Everything is backwards... and there are a lot of little parts.

But, I conquered it.  And I'm pretty pleased with it.

Monday, October 15, 2018

BLOCKS 5 & 6

I worked on Blocks 5 & 6 today.  I cut out and the parts and pieces and fabrics for number 5.  I wasn't really sure about the colors, so I didn't sew it together.   I pinned the pieces to the block template and stuck it up on the wall.

When I started onto block 6 I realized there were a lot of small pieces.  I was worried I'd get them all mixed up, so I went ahead and sewed together the bottom half that contained the little triangles.

I need to make up the templates for four more blocks, which means I need to draw them in Electric Quilt, print them out and take them to Staples to enlarge them.  Tomorrow, right after our morning walk.

Sunday, October 14, 2018


We went shopping for bushes this morning.  We went up to Swansons, north of Ballard.  What a great place.  We wandered around looking at everything.  We wanted a rhodedendren or two, but ended up getting some Eugenia and Mahonia bushes and a bunch of little Heather plants.

It's all going into the place where the tree was removed.

We also picked up some red brick bricks with which to make a border.

After I got the border bricks in place, I quit for the day and went upstairs to sew.  I'm on the third block, which has some little curved pieces.  They weren't as easy as the bigger curves I did recently.  But, they turned out okay.

Slow but sure.  But, I didn't finish the block.

I'm thinking I need to make mirror images of the blocks so  I can put the freezer paper on  the back instead of the front, as I've been doing.

Saturday, October 13, 2018


I re-drew my abstract drawings into Electric Quilt then printed them out at 5". 

I took these little squares to Staples and enlarged them by 300%, a half at a time, which printed them onto 11" by 17-1/2" paper, which once back home I then cut out and taped together to get 15" squares of each drawing.

I then trace the drawings onto freezer paper.  I'm using these real-size drawings to make the blocks.

Once I figure out where the seams will be and how to sew it back together, I cut the freezer paper template apart and iron them onto the fabric.

It's been fun, so far.

Friday, October 12, 2018


After a gorgeous morning walk at Lincoln Park...

...I started a new project.

Instead of gathering fabric on our trip to Charleston to commemorate our trip, I gathered images.

Once home, I've been drawing abstracts of those images and memories.

Then, turning them into blocks...

Now to turn all of those drawings into blocks and into a quilt.

Funny dog.


I put the back for Flower Power together and made a label for it.

I used the leftover triangles from making the top.

Hand inked label.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018


Finished sewing together the rows of Flower Power.

Sunday, October 07, 2018


We thought it would be nice to take the dogs somewhere they haven't been, since they've been stuck at home all last week.

We went to Highline Seatac Arboretum.  It's very nice.  

The dogs were happy even though it drizzled the whole time.

We meandered.