Monday, August 30, 2010


I got some thread work done on the 'background'.  I particularly wanted to lighten it up under the chair because there isn't much value change.  I accomplished this by putting some free-motion thread work in a lighter shade of gray over that area.  I'm still not sure it's light enough, but the quilting, if done in a lighter shade will lighten it up even more.

Here you see it pinned and ready for quilting.  This is the part that makes me nervous!

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  1. Had to go get more thread! I had bought some purples while in Canada, but they turned out to be the wrong shade of purple. I went out to Bernina NW by Northgate. They have a great selection of threads. I took the quilt with me this time and found the perfect threads, I was surprised how red they were. They are so nice there - they gave me a Bernina Project Bag, too! Thanks Bernina NW! Sewing