Sunday, August 22, 2010


I took the same two paintings that I took to Renton River Days and submitted them to the Western Washington Fair's Fine Art Competition.
As you might recall, the snitzel 'Lines' won a Juror's Award, and my favorite 'Steel Plant' (above) won bupkis.
I got a little envelope in the mail today from the WW Fair.  They accepted 'Steel Plant' into the show, but they cannot abide 'Lines'.  They want me to come and pick it up where it now resides with the rest of the rejects.
Bummer...that means I need to take time off work this week, too, to pick it up.  And, it means an extra trip to Puyallup.

I wish the jurors and judges would let artists know what they like and don't like.  It's so baffling!
Just proves, it's all so subjective and it doesn't really mean a thing.


  1. Interesting. Yes, don't take it personally; you're last sentence is right on. I even heard a juror say she now realizes that after having juried a show herself.

  2. Aw, I'm sorry. They're both great, but there's no accounting for individual taste, especially in judges.