Saturday, August 21, 2010


My husband, Darrell, was scheduled to do some demos at two Lee Valley Stores in British Columbia Friday and Saturday.  I've been looking forward to this because while he was busy demoing, I was going to Maiwa.  If you don't know about Maiwa, check it out:
They have everything for fabric (and yarn) dyeing, plus some really great imported stuff.

I've been following their blog for a while and had noticed these really neat leather bags, reasonably priced, too.  I decided I was going to go and get one for myself.  So, Friday, Darrell dropped me off at Granville Island and I spent the next five hours shopping and eating and sitting and watching the people.  The weather was grand and the area is wonderful.  Granville Island is a wonder mix of artists workshops and their galleries and shops of all things artistic to peruse and buy.  

There is also a wonderful Market where you can get fresh fruits, vegetables, baked goods, meats, fish and whatever you desire!
I got the leather bag (I love it!)...

 and then went a little nuts - I bought a few things to check out natural dyeing.

I went back a third time to get the Indigo Kit, after I had read some of the literature they had given me when I bought the first dyes.  The instructions sounded very easy, and the clerk assured me it was a breeze.  We'll see - I've heard that indigo can be very difficult.

Saturday morning Darrell had to be in Coquitlam at 10am, and I hadn't really planned anything.  But, all night long I'd been thinking about the great books I'd seen in Maiwa.  So, having nothing better to do, I drove back to Vancouver and Granville Island just to buy a book - so I bought three.

I started looking online for a fabric store and found one less than a half a mile from where the husband was, so I headed back there.

It was just a big box fabric store with a lot of everything, but I did find the threads I was needing for my 'Ashtray' project.  I stuck to my resolution not to buy anymore fabric, but I'll admit, I looked a little bit.

I spent all my allowance for the next several months!  I need to get back into the studio and use some of this stuff up!

Here are some random images I saw:

I almost forgot to mention we also went to the Vancouver Art Museum to see the Degas (and others)  Drawings Exhibit

Great weekend.

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