Tuesday, August 03, 2010


Some of my paintings are now hanging in a local pizza place - Proletariat Pizza in White Center.  
We first discovered this place by chance, while driving by. What caught my attention was the font on their big overhead sign.  It's a very cool Art Deco font. Very different than everything else in this neighborhood of porno shops and Asian markets.  White Center is definitely an area that can only get better.

We went back a few nights later and enjoyed one of their great pizzas, and have been back several times since.  It's owned and operated by Mike and his wife, who make the pizza dough every afternoon and hand-make the pizzas - when they run out of dough they close the doors! 

We noticed the art on the walls and asked about it.  Mike told us they planned to invite artists in to display their art.

Several months later I saw a request from them on Facebook, asking if anyone knew of an artist that would like to hang in their restaurant.  I figured my paintings of 17th & Roxbury, which is only a few blocks away, would be perfect for there.
My paintings will be on display through the month of August.  I highly recommend you stop by for a pizza and tell them you heard about them from me!  There will be an official Art Walk on the third Saturday of the month, maybe I'll see you there.

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  1. That is so kewl. 8-] I like your industrial series.