Saturday, August 07, 2010


I started to make the previous "Ashtray" sketch in fabric!

First things first, I need six gradations of gray and purples and three of the reds.  So, knowing I'd never find what  I needed, I dyed my own!  It's great that I can even do that, you know?

Not knowing anything about how much dye I'd need or anything about making gradations, I just winged it!  I guessed, but I was pleasantly surprised at the results.

What's funny is some of the things I thought I knew turned out different.  For instance, I wanted the purples to be clear and even and the grays to be mottled.  So, I put salt on the grays thinking that would cause some variation in the coverage.  Wrong!  They ended up being more clear and even than the purples.  The purples were mottled because I had mixed Cobalt and Fuchsia dyes, and they separated somewhat.  
The lights were not as light as I wanted, so I had to add some commercial fabrics that I had, so here is the group of fabrics I'm going to work with.  I really like the deep purples, they turned out great.

Next, I took the simple line drawing to the office store and enlarged it to 18" by 24" and made a 'cartoon', a working drawing.

Using freezer paper I started cutting out the pieces.  I'm learning as I go, it's going slow to start.  Here's what it looked like at the end of day one:

And at the end of day two:

Stay tuned!

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