Wednesday, May 06, 2015


There's a Camillia bush stump in the way.  Darrell and I made an attempt at digging it out, but it was too much for us.

I decided to go hire some day-help from the guys that hang out in front of Home Depot.

While there I purchased some red bricks to solve a problem up by the garden shed.

Jose was a very hard worker.  He had that stump out in about an hour.

I then put him to work digging out the two fir tree stumps flanking our front porch.  We've been hoping they would rot and go away, but of course they haven't.

Jose spent several more hours on that and got them out, too.  He saved us so much work and pain.

It's out!

It is looking so good.  That is the jig Darrell made for me.

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