Thursday, May 07, 2015


Had to hang around the house today waiting for the delivery truck from Mutual Materials.  They wouldn't even give us a time frame or a phone call.

I spent the morning putting some of the rocks back!

I wanted to make the edge where the pavers will be next to the sidewalk.  It was hard work.  Darrell helped me place a very big one at the end for a corner piece.  [Later I decided it was in the wrong spot, and now we need to move it so we will have more room to walk.]

Mom stopped by.  We were planning on going out to lunch, but since I wanted to be there when the pavers came, we went and got some take-out sandwiches from Eats Market Cafe.  Rueben sandwiches for everyone.  They were great.  Mom really like the coleslaw.

The truck showed up a little after lunch.  Now I have to start getting them out of the driveway!

Bentley lays claim to the pavers.

After Mom left I went back to work and got this end leveled and almost ready to go.

Here's the new row of rocks.

Here's the other end, by the garden shed.

Hopefully, tomorrow I can start laying some pavers down!

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