Tuesday, February 11, 2014

29 FACES - DAY 11

[My challenge is to draw a face from the front page of the Seattle Times from that day.]

The Olympic Games are in the headlines and there was a big picture of a local gal, who had won a medal, on the front page.  She was screaming with joy and her mouth was wide open.  I couldn't bring myself to draw her.  I don't like doing teeth, they never look like they should.

But, there was a tiny little picture of this interesting looking guy.  I messed up one of his eyes... and with ink there's no going back.

This was drawn from an uncredited photo accompanying a story by Dominic Gates on the front page of the Seattle Times of February 11, 2014.


  1. That is such a great idea to draw every day a face from the paper! Really like your loose style ...

  2. Love your style and I am learning all kinds of new medium too.

  3. Your drawing style is marvelous. Using the daily paper for reference is a good idea.

  4. That little ink blob just gave him a nice 'wink'. Sometimes the faces on the internet, magazine or paper just have to be drawn. I love it when a face demands that of me.