Friday, February 28, 2014

29 FACES - DAY 28

Here's a young man that was pictured in a crowd of people.  This is a pen and ink sketch with colored pencils.

This was drawn fron a photo credited to Alan Berner which was on the front page of the Seattle Times February 28, 2014 

It's been a great month  of drawings and revelations.  Thank you, Ayala for thinking this up and hosting it
I discovered that taking a few minutes out of my work day each morning to sketch was a great stress reliever - a few moments of calm and meditation. 

I'm going to keep it up....but,

I need a new sketchbook!

One of the comments left this month said they thought it would be cool to see these portraits all side by side (thank you Kristen) - and that got me to thinking.
So, while I'm getting that sketchbook at Daniel Smith I might just buy a bunch of small canvases and paint the portraits on those.  

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