Friday, February 07, 2014

29 FACES - DAY 7

[My challenge is to draw a face from the front page of the Seattle Times from that day.]

I started this challenge out doing blind contour drawings, and every day I've gotten less and less blind and more exacting trying to get the features correct.

This drawing I really tried to get it right.  I think this guy has a very interesting face with distinct planes, lines and angles.  I started with a pencil and worked at getting the planes and shapes correct.  Then I went over them with the ink pen.  Instead of the watercolor pencils I got out my regular watercolors and used them.  I can always use practice with watercolors.  They don't come easily to me.

This was drawn from a photo on the front page of the February 7, 2014 Seattle times.  The photo is credited to Karl Eisenhower/Kaiser Health News.


  1. I know what you mean about watercolors. This is great!

  2. Nice job with this! Watercolors don't come easily to me either. I like the writing behind him as well as his face.

  3. What an interesting collection of faces. It is unusual to find someone primarily drawing men.

  4. Great series of portraits! Lovely and delicate line work. (I'm not sure you're using the 29 Faces tag because the link from 29 Faces goes to a page with no posts!) :)