Thursday, February 06, 2014

29 FACES - DAY 6

[My challenge is to draw a face from the front page of the Seattle Times from that day.]

Yesterday was the big Seahawks Parade, so there was a huge picture of the huge crowd on the front page today, which is no good for me (although I must say, it's a great thing for the city, and maybe even the state).

On page 2 I found this interesting face.

I was looking at someone else's sketches yesterday, and I realized they used a pencil first...hmmm.  I've always just started right out with the pen and if I made a big blunder it was just 'oh, well'.  I always hated that part of it.  It made it almost too stressful (not fun).

So, I used a pencil to sketch out this face and get the basics down first, then went at it quickly with the ink pen.  Then I colored it with the watercolor pencils and added water.  Now that I've posted it here, I can see the streaky-ness of the strokes where I went back into the wet paper with the watercolor pencils to add more shading.  I don't like that way that looks, so I'll try harder to get it more even next time.

This was drawn from an uncredited photo on page A2 of the February 6, 2014 of the Seattle Times.

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