Wednesday, February 12, 2014

29 FACES - DAY 12

[My challenge is to draw a face from the front page of the Seattle Times from that day.]

Another day with a tough choice for faces on the front page.  It was either our state Governer, Jay, or Shirley Temple.  Both of these people are easily recognizable which means the pressure is on to do an accurate rendition - not my strong suit, especially if I'm doing a contour drawing.  I have a hard time with children's faces - it's a whole different thing, I'm not sure why though. You just draw what you see, right?  Okay, I'll give the Shirley Temple a try.  But, then I wimped out and decided to do a semi-blind contour drawing.  I really messed up the teeth, I should have never put the lines in with such a strong line as the ink pen.  Bad, bad, bad.

P.S. She was in black and white.

This drawing was sooo bad, I decided not to post it and drew the Governer also.  What the heck, post them both.

Governer Jay was drawn from a photo on the front page of the 2-13-2014 Seattle Times credited to Rachel La Corte/The Associated Press.

Shirley was drawn from a photo credited to Hulton Archive/Getty Images that was on the same front page.

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