Saturday, January 09, 2010


Oh, I was so nervous about doing this second color. I've always had problems with registration. It makes multi-plate printing so frustrating for me. I should stay in kindergarten until I get it right, but I love multi-colors and always want to do more than my skills. But, then again, if one doesn't go beyond their skill level they will never grow.

I was pleasantly surprised when the registration worked out the first time! Yeah!

I used the kento system this time, for the first time. It's the traditional way to do it, and it works great. Should trust tradition, I guess!
The photo below shows the corner and side kento projections that I cut into the board. It will give the same border to each print also.

I also used another traditional way of transferring the image which apparently worked very well. For those two things are what makes it register or not. I'm thrilled it all worked out. It makes things so much more pleasant.

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