Tuesday, January 26, 2010


In class we were asked to close our eyes and draw with a pencil on paper for several minutes with our non-dominate hand.  I was thinking about filling the whole paper.  I would feel the edges and try to draw right up to the edges.  I also was thinking about drawing eyes.  I was surprised when I opened my eyes and looked at what I had drawn.  I didn't fill the whole paper like I thought!  But, I really liked the flow of the line and the overall look and 'feel' of it.
Then, we were asked to flip the page over, close our eyes and draw again.    After we opened our eyes.  I picked out an element I liked and repeated it randomly over the page.

From these two drawings, our assignment is to make some snitzels for next week's class.

I took a 2-1/2" window and moved it around until I found areas I thought interesting.  Using tracing paper I traced the area.  I discovered that I needed to eliminate some of the lines and boil it down to the basics of what made it interesting. 

This one is my favorite.  I thought this section looked like a face.  After the first tracing I realized I needed to leave out a lot of the lines because it was too confusing.  I put back in a few of the non-essential lines to add interest.
I can hardly wait to get started on this one.

From the same original drawing, I wanted to make one of the 'eyes'  This was the most interesting and defined.  I left out some of the unnecessary lines.  
It doesn't look as much like an eye as I thought...in fact it looks like a chicken.  So.....

I altered it a little bit to make it look more like a chicken.  I don't know.... I don't do paintings of chickens!

I should give it a try though.

This will be the last snitzel I do, if I have time.  

From the 'Map' drawing, I found four little sections that I like:

This last on is my favorite of these.  I'm very excited to begin. This is the one I will do first, since it's a little easier than the face.

Here we go!

The next step is to translate these drawings into snitzels.   Stay tuned.


  1. These look really great, Terry! How are they going?

  2. Thank you, Becky. These are going great. I'm having a lot of fun with these and coming up with all kinds of ideas and methods. I'll be posting more about that this week.