Friday, January 08, 2010


Darrell installed the last two huge drawers on the bottom this morning. That means the studio cabinets on the south wall are pretty much done. I just have to put some touch-up paint on the front of the drawers where he put the screws in the drawer fronts. [you can see the fuzzy white patches in the pictures] I still need to put labels in all of the flat file drawers.

Here's the big 'pencil drawers' at the top, they are wide and deep.

And look at these huge drawers on the bottom. This one that is open has the bars for hanging files. There are slots for either letter size or legal-size depending on my needs. I think I will be storing my editioned prints and probably photos and drawings. The drawer next to it is just a big empty drawer about 11" deep 24" wide and 40" deep. That's where we'll hide the body.

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  1. "That's where we'll hide the body."

    ;-> I love your cabinets!!