Thursday, January 21, 2010


Our assignment is to create some Snitzels  that demonstrate the concepts we talked about in class about space and perspective.  I definitely wanted to do one about perspective.  
I came up with a simple drawing of boxes, showing two-point perspective.
I pulled out my solid-colored fabrics and sorted them into color families, trying to find light, medium and dark of colors that worked together.  It's always the fabric that holds me back!  (And I thought I had a HUGE fabric stash!).  I quickly realized that for most of the boxes I only need two colors.  That made it so much easier!

Here's my first rendition:  After I got the boxes up, I noticed the 'hole'.  It was to small for another box, so I'll try sticking a sphere there or something.

I'm using a photo of raindrops on a camera lens cover to make this next one.  I found it very difficult to made a gradation from dark to light.  In real life, the gradation is gradual.  It's hard to do that with just fabric.  On a few of them I tried shading the fabric with a colored pencil.  Is that cheating?  It worked well, but will it stay on there in the long run?  Will it fade or discolor?  Who knows.

I've got a long ways to go on this one.  It will go to class pretty much like this though.  We'll see what everyone thinks.

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