Saturday, June 06, 2015


Saturday, I started putting down some gravel, then sand, then the pavers in between the border stones I laid yesterday.

Having a few custom-made (by my wonderful husband) skrees made the job much easier.

After lunch he even came and helped me and things went a lot faster.  He did all of the heavy lifting.

Starting at the beginning, the easiest part.

Things got a little more difficult when it started into the curve.

The curve is very interesting though.

Here's how far we made it for the day.

The view from the porch - it looks awesome!

We used the last of the 6 by 9 inch bricks that were on the pallets.  The rest of them are under the other bricks, which will have to be moved before we can proceed with the walkway.

After doing some quick figuring, I think I'm going to be about 120 bricks short, too.

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