Monday, June 15, 2015


Okay, this is the week I'm going to get my project done - or really close to done!

I've got to lay all of the 6 by 6s and 9 by 12s, so I'll know how many more I need before I head back to Home Depot.  (There was a change of plan since I ordered them, so I know I'm going to be short.)

See the little blue paper?  That's the pattern, I had to have a cheat sheet.

From the side, I'm getting the hang of the pattern.

After lunch I went back to Home Depot and got more pavers and sand.  Darrell made a pallet that his Big Joe would be able to lift out of the truck.  That's one less time I have to pick them up and move them...yea!

Okay, this is as far as I could get without a masonry saw, which we are now ready to go rent.

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