Monday, June 11, 2018


We decided to take our dog walk someplace different than the same ole' Lincoln Park.
The husband is busy all week teaching a woodworking class, so the dogs and I headed to Schmitz Park in the Admiral district.

I've been here before many times, but I don't think these dogs have been.

I let Jelly off the leash and she did very well, staying close and coming back when I called her.  

The weather was absolutely perfect.  It had rained last night so everything was wet and a little muddy.  But today the sky is blue and beautiful and the sun is shining.

I almost got the sign in the photo.

Jelly thinks I walk too slow.

Jax posing under the Admiral Way overpass.

Jax was very impressed with the graffitti all over the overpass.

We walked to the end of the park, it's all uphill with the last bit being very steep as you climb out of the ravine.  It comes out on a deadend street.  The only way back is by the same trail.  My fitbit said it was only .7 miles to that point.  We need to get at least 2 miles in, so we decided to take another trail on the way out.
The plan was to go up this side trail and find a geocache and then come back down and go out the way we come in.  The side trail turned out to be very steep, narrow and overgrown.  I was soaked through from all the wet bushes.  I was worried I'd slip and fall on the way back down so we kept going up until we exited the park to the street - great view.  Then we trekked down the street and re-entered the park and continued on our walk in the park.

View when we exited the park!  Wow.
 We came to a little creek that we had to cross - the doggos were not going for it.  

I showed them the rocks to walk across, but they were still hesitant.  

You want me to jump that six inches over water!?

Wait for me!

This is a cool feature of the fitbit - you can track your activity and share it if you want.  Here is our walk into, out of, and back into the park.

It was a nice adventure.

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